Romanian mathematicians

Art. 1. The prize is annual and it is awarded to a mathematician from Romania or Moldova. If the candidates have equivalent values, our choice will be the candidate with works in applied mathematics.

Art. 2. The Jury that awards the prize is decided by the board of ROMAI.

Art. 3. We accept at the contest self-proposals, as well as proposals of candidates made by ROMAI members and other members of the mathematical community.

Art. 4. We accept as candidates the mathematicians that are not older in the year of awarding the prize than 40 years.

Art. 5. The registration at the contest is made by sending at the electronic mail of the secretary of the Jury a CV, the list of papers and the files of three of the most significant papers from the last five years. The deadline of the registration is decided annually.

Art. 6. The candidates must prezent a paper at the CAIM conference in the year when they candidate.

Art. 7. The complete list of the candidates that were accepted at the contest and their files will be posted on the site of ROMAI before the start date of the CAIM conference. The secretary of the jury verifies if the conditions of Art. 4-6 are fulfilled, for the registration.

Art. 8. The Jury sets the methodology of the vote, that should end with a week before the start day of the CAIM conference.

Art. 8. The communication of the result of the contest and the ceremony of awarding the prize take place during the annual CAIM conference.