Romanian mathematicians

Conference Fees
Registration fee (that includes organizing expenses and coffee breaks):
Romanian participants - 100 lei;
For the Romanian members of ROMAI that have paid their Member Fee for 2013 - 70 lei;
Foreign participants - 50 Euro;
Participants from Republic of Moldova – 50 lei (RO -lei).
The cost of the official dinner is around 70 lei and the cost of the excursion is around 100 lei.

Payment methods
The foreign participants are kindly asked to pay the fee until September 1, in the account of ROMAI: RO19BRDE445SV10137674160, held at BRD-Groupe Société Générale, SWIFT BRDEROBU. Romanian participants and participants from Republic of Moldova may pay either in the account of ROMAI: RO23BRDE445SV00031164160, held at BRD- Groupe Société Générale, TRIUMF, Bucharest, or at the Registration Desk.

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