Matematicieni români

The participants at the conference are kindly asked to contact a hotel in Bucharest to make a reservation for the period of the conference. We recommend the following hotels:

  • Armonia,
  • Marshal,
  • Siqua.
  • A certain number of rooms will be available at the hotel Academica of the University of Bucharest, at the price of 160 lei/double room/night and 100lei/single room/night.

    A certain number of rooms will be also available in the Students Hostel of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Bucharest at a low cost.

    IMPORTANT: The reservations at the Hotel Academica or at the Student Hostel will be made by the Organizing Committee as a result of the options for lodging expressed by the participants at the registration. These options must be expressed before June 20, 2013.