Romanian mathematicians

Abstracts. The abstracts must be written in English for all sections, in accordance with the Registration Form. The abstracts for Sections 1-6 will be written by using the LATEX 2e template below. The abstracts for Section 7 will be written by using Microsoft Word.

CAIM Abstracts Template (for sections 1-6)

\newcommand{\titleart}[1]{\bigskip \begin{center}
\large \textbf{#1}\end{center}}
\newcommand{\autorart}[1]{\begin{center} \large
\textsf{#1}\end{center} \vspace{-6mm} }
\newcommand{\coord}[1]{\begin{center} \small
\textit{#1}\end{center} \vspace{-6mm} }
\newcommand{\mail}[1]{\begin{center} \small
\textit{#1}\end{center} \normalsize}
\titleart{Title of abstract}
\autorart{Author1 \index{Author1}, Author2
\coord{Affiliation, Country}
Text of the abstract.........
{\small {\bf References}
1. E. Hopf, {\it A mathematical example displaying features of turbulence}, Comm. Appl. Math. {\bf 1}(1948), 303-322.
2. M. Golubitsky, D.G. Schaeffer, {\it Singularities and groups in bifurcation theory}, vol. I, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1985.

Papers. Instructions for authors

For Sections 1-6, the papers must be written in LATEX 2e, following the instructions for authors posted on the web page of ROMAI Journal ( The authors are kindly asked to submit also the paper in pdf format. For Section 7, the papers must be written by using Microsoft Word, in Romanian or in English.

The Scientific Committee will select the works which may be communicated and published.

The Organizing Committee has the right to reject any work which exhibits an inappropriate scientific or linguistic level.

The authors should obey the standard copyright regulations and are responsible for the scientific and linguistic accuracy of the text.

The works of the conference will be included after a refereeing selection in the journals:

O Buletinul Academiei de Stiinte a Republicii Moldova. Matematica" (

O ROMAI Journal (,

O Annals of AOSR, Mathematics and Its Applications (

O ROMAI Educational Journal (

The papers for Sections 1-6 will be sent to Cozma Dumitru,

The papers for Section 7 will be sent to Braicov Andrei,