Romanian mathematicians


The first International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics was held in Paris in 1987. Since then congresses have been held each four years in Washington 1991, Hamburg 1995, Edinburgh 1999, Sydney 2003 and Zurich in 2007. The ICIAMs have provided a showcase for the best work in the contemporary applications of mathematics, in all of their extraordinary richness and variety.

The 1987 ICIAM in Paris took place under the auspices of four of the world's leading applied mathematics societies: GAMM (Germany), IMA (United Kingdom), SIAM (USA), and SMAI (France). That and subsequent congresses were controlled by a committee of leaders of a growing band of applied mathematics societies. That committee was called CICIAM, for Committee for International Congresses in Industrial and Applied Mathematics. A major development took place in 1999, when CICIAM reconstituted itself as a Council, the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. This change reflected a growing sense within the governing body, that with its member societies representing a good proportion of all of the world's mathematicians with an interest in applications, it had a responsibility to foster the world-wide development of mathematics in application. The first President of the new Council was Reinhard Mennicken. He and his successor, Olavi Nevanlinna, presided over another substantial change, namely the concept of 'Associate Member'. This new membership category allowed membership to the many societies which, though not 'primarily' concerned with applications, nevertheless have a 'significant' interest in applications. The first Associate Member was the London Mathematical Society.

Although ICIAM is very different in its structure from IMU (whose members are in essence nations, not societies), it was recognised from the beginning that many of the aims of ICIAM and the IMU are the same, and that cooperation should be the keyword. As an example of this cooperation, the ICIAM Board formally adopted the 'Best Practices' document of the IMU's Committee on Electronic Information and Communication. Proposals for a joint activity of the two international organisations in a developing nation are now being studied.

ROMAI is full member of ICIAM since August 2010. In 2009 and 2010 the prezident of ICIAM, professor Rolf Jeltsch, was the honorary guest of our annual conference CAIM.